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Saturday, July 28, 2007

John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse (Photo)

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22 Ways To Break The Ice

So you want to chat it up with your crush, but you have no clue what to say? Not a prob. GL has 22 surefire ways to kick-start a convo

You Find yourself face to face with a bona fide cutie — but despite prime Flirting conditions, you're suddenly tongue-twisted. Ugh. Luckily, with a little preparation, you con be ready with a witty opener. Not that brave? It's OK. We have ice breakers for beginners…then work your way up to the more brazen.

# Low-Risk
## Kinda Chancy
### Totally Daring

1. Ask him to help you with a daunting end-of-year assignment. What boy wouldn't want to be your knight in smarty-pants armor? Of course, you'll need to enlist a crush who pulls decent grades — you don't want to flunk for the sake of flirting![##]

2. If he's tuned in to his iPod (and tuning everything else out!) ask if you can listen to his headphones for a sec. When you hear what he's spinning, give him snaps for his taste in music — or playfully tease him for rockin' out to Avril![##]

3. Leave a clever comment on his MySpace page, and tell him how much you're intrigued by his latest blog posting.[#]

4. If your crush is wearing a concert tee, he's clearly into that band — why do you think he dropped $35 at the merch table? If you've seen the group, say, "Oh, did you go to the show at Whatever Arena last summer? I was there, and they rocked!" If you haven't, go with, "I've been dying to see them. How do they sound live?" #

5. Crushing on a sporty guy? Show up of one of his games. Before he heads out onto the field, tell him, "I bet my Friend five bucks your team will win. So don't let me down!" You know he'll be motivated to show off his athletic skills.[###]

6. At on amusement park, make a bet with your crush to see who can get on the mildest ride the most times in a row. You'll score some quality time in line with him, plus you'll show you've got guts. Coaster-phobic? Challenge him to Skee-ball instead.[##]

7. Tell him he looks like a particular celebrity, then use that as an excuse to keep on chatting. It he reminds you of Orly, ask if he's seen the latest Pirates yet. If he's a dead ringer for Ne-Yo, ask what he thinks of Because of You.

8. Give your techie crush props for his new iPhone and ask to check it out. Program your digits into his address book, and tell him you've added a useful new feature.

9. If your crush works at the deli or coffee shop, swing by. Ask him what time he clocks out, and see if he wants to grab a bite when he gets off work. Of course, keep it short. Getting a guy fired from his job won't win you any points.[###]

10. At the skate park, ask him to give you some pointers for how to master a Pop Shove-it. Afterward, offer to treat him to ice cream as a thank-you.[##]

11. Offer a hunk o' Bubblicious Watermelon Wave, a slab of pizza or your very last mozzarella stick. No teen boy will turn down free food.[#]

12. At the next My Chemical Romance concert, challenge the emo cutie next to you to take a wild guess at what song the band will play during the encore. Not only will you get his attention now, but as soon as the band comes back onstage for the finale, he'll be thinking about you again![##]

13. Not sure if she's his GF? Wait until his gal pal disappears for a sec, then say, "I wanted to tell your girlfriend how cool her bag is. You don't happen to know where she got it, do you?" If they are an item, this approach won't cause any drama. It he's single, he'll clear up the confusion — and you can kick up the flirting a notch.[###]

14. If your mind goes totally blank when you run smack-dab into him, steal a line from a movie. Go for, "I like your sleeves — they're real big." Most guys can easily recite their favorite Napoleon Dynamite quotes.[##]

15. Simply smile and say "hi."

16. At a boring party, track down your crush and whisper, "I think we need better nines here. Wanna help me come up with a new playlist?" You can bond over your favorite music, and you'll both be heroes for saving the get-together from turning into a snooze-test.[##]

17. If you spot a group of gorgeous jocks playing a game of Volleyball or Frisbee, ask if you can join in. And don't be afraid to kick some serious butt. [###]

18. If you spy acute guy in the video store, grab two DVDs and ask him which one he'd recommend. If he's into you, he might serve up a long-winded explanation of why you absolutely must rent Night at the Museum.[#]

19. Tell him you have psychic powers, then offer to read his palm. Trace the lines on his hand and say, "I foresee you going to the diner with me for double cheese-burgers and curly fries."[###]

20. When you're behind him in line at the community pool's snack bar, ask him what he thinks "nachitos" are. Or dare him to taste-test the ham salad. Or ask him for a dessert recommendation — does he prefer the cinnamon pretzels or the frozen Jell-O? [##]

21. When you overhear him talking about a film he really wants to see, jump into the conversation and say, "Sorry, I just heard you talking about Spider-Man 3. My friends and I are going to catch that this weekend — you should come with us!" [##]

22. On Friday, ask him what he's doing this weekend. If he doesn't have much going on, tell him he needs to find some better plans. Yours! [###]

By Kara Wahlgren, Girls' Life, Jul2007

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Find Your Perfect Pen Pal!

Ever wish you had faraway friends? Girls who could let you know what's up in Wisconsin? A bud who knows the coolest trends in Tuscaloosa? Or maybe just someone you can tell your innermost secrets — without the chance of your entire school finding out? Pen pals are perfect for that! While you could just write to random addresses in Timbuktu, we have a foolproof system in place. The good news is, we have someone whose sole job is to find you five perfect pen pals (thanks, Peach!). The bad news is, it's gonna cost you $10 (that's two bucks a friend, folks). Hit the 'rents up for a 10-spot, and follow the easy steps below. Then get ready to hear, "You've got mail!"

Here's What You Do

1. If you have Internet access, go to Click on "Fun & Games," then "Pen Pals." Print the application, fill it out, and mail it with a $10 check or money order made out to GL. No cash!

2. If you don't have Internet access, take a serf-addressed, stamped envelope (write your complete mailing address in the center of a long business-size envelope and put a stamp on it), then fold it, put it in another envelope, and mail to: I Want a Pen Pal!, GL, 4629 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214. We'll send you an application.

3. Please fill out your application very neatly with a dark ink pen. When giving us your e-mail address, don't forget to include the domain (like, For your own safety, we strongly suggest that each pen pal provide an e-mail address or obtain a post-office box instead of giving out a home address.

4. Once we receive your completed application and payment, we'll match you with five girls in the United States or Canada who share your interests. (We're good with this matchmaking stuff.) Then the ball is in your court to write away!

5. The most important thing is to follow our rules on being a safe pen pal. And write back, for Pete's sake!

Girls' Life, Jul2007


The Nightwatchman

Once upon a time, the government had a huge scrap pile of in the middle of the desert. Congress decided that "someone may steal from it in the middle of the night". So they created a nightwatchman position and hired a person for the job.

Then Congress asked, "How does the nightwatchman do his job without instruction?"

So they created a planning department and hired two people: one person to write the instructions and one person to do time studies.

Then Congress wondered, "How will we know the nightwatchman is doing the tasks correctly?"

So they created a quality control department and hired two people: one to do the studies and one to write the report.

Then Congress asked, "How are these people going to be paid?"

So they hired two more people: a timekeeper and a payroll officer.

Congress the inquired, "Who will be accountable for all of these people?"

So they created an administrative section and hired three people: an administrative officer, an administrative assistant, and a legal secretary.

Then Congress said, "We have had this command in operation for one year and we are $18,000 over budget. We must cut back overall cost."

So they laid off the nightwatchman...

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Joey Lawrence

Joey Lawrence (Photo)

(с) Joey Lawrence


Top this!

I was at the pool and did a swan dive. When I got to the ladder, a boy from school was laughing. I saw my bikini top floating in the water. I clutched my chest and stayed in the pool. A nice woman got my top and helped me put it back on.

My BF and I were eating lunch outside with friends. My BFF showed up, and I ran to give her a big hug. when I threw my arms around her, I whacked my BF in the face and caused his lip to bleed. His guy friends still tease me about it.
A camp counselor said if I could hit him with a water balloon, he'd give everyone popsicles. I threw it and pegged him! Unfortunately, my aim was off. I hit him right below the belt. He looked like he was going to cry.

My friends and I had gone down the biggest slide at the water park. When I stood up in the landing pool, I had a major wedgie. My butt was showing, and my BFF's older brother was right behind me.
My friends and I were taking a shortcut to the movie theater down a steep hill. I tripped and grabbed my crush for balance. He fell down with me and sprained his wrist.

My BFF and I spotted some cuties at the pool. We tried to get their attention by giggling. A bug landed on my foot, so I started hopping around and screaming. My BFF slapped my foot I lost my balance and held onto her shoulder. We both fell into the pool. Talk about getting stung.
I was swimming with my BFF at summer camp and saw a shark's fin. I screamed and ran out of the water. My friends were laughing at me. They were all in on the prank. I fall for it, even though we were in a lake. Duh.

My buds and I were playing poker at our beach house, and one was singing the Hanes underwear jingle. I pulled my panties up above my waistband and shouted, "I got my Hanes on!" A cute friend of my family walked into the room just as I said it!

I was on an overnight youth group trip, and we got room service at the hotel. The food was delivered by a major hottie. We ordered dessert just so he'd come back up. I was gushing about how gorgeous he was, and I stood up and pretended to make out with him. When I turned around, he was right there!

I was wearing white shorts at a community dance. My BFF and I jumped in the pool with our clothes on. When I got out, everyone could see my thong through my shorts.
I was at a small group session at camp, and we were sharing embarrassing moments from that week. It was my turn, so I told about forgetting my lines during a skit. The girl who slept on the bunk below me said, "What about last night — when you kept farting in your sleep?" Celeb Moment

It was my first day back on set for the second season, and I had a whole new look. I was trying to seem cool, when Jean-Luc [Bilodeau who plays Josh] jumped out from behind a bush and yelled. I ran and screamed in front of everyone, like a complete spaz. l love him, but he's a troublemaker! I hope they release some kind of bonus-features DVD, because I'd watch it over and over.

Girls' Life, Jul2007


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sidekick syndrome

Win a vacay! Never in the group photo because you're the one stuck holding the camera? Say "cheese." Puh-leeze!
Tired of being Invisible Girl? If you're blending into the scenery, learn to stand out in the crowd!


All your BFFs wear purple to the pool on Fridays or meet for smoothies on Tuesdays? Occasionally wear green on purple day or say, "Hey, who wants to meet at Taco Bell on Tuesday?" It proves you're an individual, not a carbon copy.


Your BFF takes charge of all the plans? Instead of staying mum, make some noise. She wants to see Shrek the Third, when you'd rather go to Pirates 3? Say so! Scratch that — you're sick of going to the theater. Every. Single. Saturday. You want to knock down some tenpins for a change of pace…so tell her.


Just as you don't have to go with the flow during chill time, same goes for organized activities. Why join dive team just because a BFF does? It's not your thing, and your lame jackknives will pale in comparison to her perfect-10 swans. Instead, do whatever you excel in.


It's totally OK to hang with girls outside your crew. Branching out into different social circles brings out other aspects of your personality. It demonstrates, even if only to yourself, that your identity is not dependent on a certain group of people. You can mix it up, right?


A bud constantly "borrows" clothes she doesn't return, or hits you up for a slice at the snack bar but never treats you to so much as a stick of gum? She may be using you. Do not be relegated to doormat status. Next time your so-called friend asks for a favor, put your foot down and say, "What have you done for me lately?" Don't expect an answer, hut that should make a statement!


My BFF and I both tried out for the swim team. I made it, but she got cut.

Tell your friend, "I'm sorry you didn't make it. but don't give up! Work hard, and I'm sure you'll make the team next year. No matter what. I will be there supporting you," That should make her feel better and boost her confidence.

— Sarah S., 11

Give her a huge hug, then suggest other ways she can get involved, like joining a recreational swim learn or helping keep stats at meets or being the team manager. Then tell Her she's a great swimmer and give her another hug.

— Annie D., 13

Your friend should understand that it wasn't your decision — it was the coach's. Don't brag about making the team, and try to make her feel included. Offer to help her improve her strokes. Make time to hang and swim with her!

— Dana D., 11

BFF giveaway

TRIPPIN'! What's better than basking on the beach? Having your BFF with you! GL is giving away a two-night vacation for two buds and two parents to TradeWinds Island Resorts in Florida, To enter, write a short essay about why your friend is the best! Send it with your name and address to Just Beachy, GL, 4529 Barford Rd., Baltimore, MD 21214 by July 16. Go to to learn more about the contest, and check out the spot at

By: Latoya Evans, Girls' Life, Jul 2007

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